It’s so sad that the one, and most important aspect in the church has fallen away – prayer. In most places you will find hours of training (and there’s nothing wrong with it), hours of music, entertainment, social events, and much more, but very little prayer.

Even though there is nothing wrong with any of the above mentioned things, the church was never called to just provide entertainment. She was called to have a relationship with Jesus. Prayer is the most powerful weapon the Church has, and we have come to experience the power that is released when the Body of Christ comes together to pray. We have several things which we are praying for and trusting God to do for us: Revival, the lost to come in, restoring of the gifts and the baptism in the Holy Spirit, healing, the leadership of the Church and the country, and our families. We want to encourage everyone to start praying like never and if you are in the area, join us every Monday evening @ 19H00 at iReflect Church.

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This department is one that is very close to the hearts of everyone in iReflect. We use our time with the kids to train them to fulfil their calling and to teach them the ways of God.

Within our iKids, we have the youngsters run the ministry. They are the leaders and at times even the teachers and preachers. We teach them to minister to one another, to praise and worship God and to take responsibility for their lives before God. The Bible makes it very clear that it is vitally important that the previous generation should teach the kids the ways of God and so we do what we can to teach the youngsters the ways and truths of God.

Deut. 11:18 So keep these words deep in your heart and in your soul, and have them fixed on your hand for a sign and marked on your brow; Deut. 11:19 Teaching them to your children, and talking of them when you are at rest in your house or walking by the way, when you go to sleep and when you get up: Deut. 11:20 Writing them on the pillars of your houses and over the doors of your towns.

iKids co-ordinator: Cornelia Jurkewitz.

We care for: Ages 3 - 13.

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Our iGroups have one goal. It is to equip the saints for their duties in our community. This is where the mission of iReflect Church is realized – “Catch one and teach one to catch one”. We train them to evangelize to the lost, to minister to those in need and to care for our community.

The vision of our iGroups is to reflect Christ to our community through love. This means that we don’t just come together as an exclusive group who studies the Word, but rather that we come together to serve one another. Through our iGroups we hope to reach those who might not go to church and by loving and caring for them, we hope to bring them into the body of Christ.

iGroups co-ordinator: Braam Prinsloo.

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The music ministry of iReflect has one aim, and one goal in mind: the glorification of Christ. We take the worship of God very serious and thus the aim of iWorship is not to put on a great show. We aren't trying to be the “next big thing”, nor are we competing with the new trend.

Worship, to us, is about who God is and worship finds its value in Christ alone. Worship is not about what is nice, fun, new or hip, tradition or even for the entertainment of people, but it’s about God. It is about singing of His greatness, goodness, mercy, grace, love, loving kindness, compassion, power and so much more.

Jesus taught that there were people in His day who would worship God with their lips, but their hearts are far removed from Him (Matt. 15:8). Today we are in the very same situation. People come together to sing great songs and have great moments, but their hearts are so far off. God is looking for a generation who will worship Him, just because they love Him. He is looking for people who will do it, not through song, but through their lives. This is the cry of iWorship . We ask God that the worship sessions we enjoy might be an extension of our daily lives. We are asking God for a revival in the worship of the Body of Christ and we pray that He might begin with us.

iWorship director: Johannes Nel.

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iVision & iHop2e

If there has ever been a time where the devil is attacking the youth, it is today. I know that this is a statement which has been made by every generation, but I also believe that it has never been truer than it is today. The youth of today has no concept of the power and glory of God, nor the fear of God. Everything goes and everything is allowed. Yet we at iHop²e and iVision believe that God has something up His sleeve for this generation. We believe that He is going to raise up a generation of young people who will run with a passion for God, with true holiness and a true demonstration of His power. We are a generation who will go from glory to glory (2 Cor. 3:18). iHop²e

The meaning of iHop²e: - Humility - Obedience - Prayer - Purity - Expectation

iHop²e leader: Keagan Olivier.
Allowed ages are: 13-18.

iVision: iVision leader: Bert Mostert.
Allowed ages: 19-30.

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We believe that one of the things that is really very close to the heart of God is the caring of the poor, homeless, destitute, widows and orphans.
Thus, the logo is a passage we live by; not just in word, but in deeds: Jam. 1:27 Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.

This project was birthed in the heart of my beautiful wife, and her passion has ignited a flame in iReflect, and even the community to help the people in need. we are giving food, clothes and blankets as needed. The clothes are for all ages and gender. We rely totally on the generosity of our members and have never had a problem with feeding the poor.

JAM127 co-ordinator: Natalie Olivier.

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iFix is the “in-house” maintenance of iReflect. Our members come together once a term to fix our premises and build the new things required for better functioning of every department. We believe that every member of iReflect is responsible for our buildings and the maintenance thereof.

iFix co-ordinator: Werner Olivier.

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